Dental Crown Replacement By Kleinheinz Dentistry on February 04, 2022

Dental crownDental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that sit over a tooth that has been compromised by decay, infection, or oral injury. Dental crowns restore oral functions and protect the natural tooth from further dental complications. Dental crowns are made of durable materials that can last for 10 to 15 years. However, a dental crown will eventually wear down.

When a dental crown becomes broken, damaged, or worn down, it puts a person’s oral health at risk. Most often, the best way to address this situation is dental crown replacement. At Kleinheinz Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, dental crown replacement allows patients to continue to enjoy a smile that is strong, healthy, and attractive.

When Is the Best Time To Replace a Dental Crown?

With proper care and good oral hygiene habits, dental crowns can last a decade or more. Sometimes it is obvious when a dental crown needs to be replaced, because the crown falls out or someone suffers an oral injury that causes obvious damage to the restoration. Other times, the signs that a dental crown needs to be replaced are more subtle. 

During a routine dental exam at our Charlotte dental practice, we evaluate a patient’s dental restorations to determine if they are in good shape and are able to continue protecting the tooth. Situations that indicate it is a good time to replace a dental crown include:

  • Noticeable signs of wear and tear
  • Cracks or fractures in the crown
  • Pain and swelling around the dental crown
  • Decay or infection in the tooth beneath the dental crown
  • Discoloration or staining of the dental crown

Is Dental Crown Replacement Painful?

Our dentists understand that many people experience some degree of anxiety surrounding dental care, and it is natural to wonder if dental crown replacement is painful. Dental crown replacement is very similar to the initial dental crown procedure. The primary difference is that the old crown must be removed before a new one can be put in place. Our top priority is always patient comfort. Prior to starting dental crown replacement, we numb the gums and tissues surrounding the treatment site so that patients should not experience any pain during their procedure.

Same-Day Dental Crown Replacement

A traditional dental crown procedure requires two dental appointments that are spaced a couple of weeks apart. Thanks to the advanced CEREC technology used at our Charlotte dental practice, our dentists are able to offer patients same-day dental crowns and same-day dental crown replacement. In just a single appointment, our dentists will:

  • Remove the patient’s current dental crown
  • Clean and reshape the tooth to remove any debris or areas of decay
  • Take impressions of the teeth and bite using our digital scanner
  • Fabricate a custom-fitted porcelain crown while the patient waits (this takes under an hour)
  • Test the fit of the new crown and make any adjustments, as necessary
  • Cement the new dental crown in place

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If you have a dental crown that requires replacement, we invite you to learn more about the same-day dental crown treatment offered at Kleinheinz Dentistry. To schedule an appointment at our dental practice, send us a message online or call (704) 542-6003 at your earliest convenience.

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