Trauma By Dr. Ashlin on May 04, 2021

Summer is around the corner! And with summer come longer days and more time at the pool, beach, camping, hiking, sports, and all things outdoors. All this fun, summer activity often translates to an increase in dental traumas. Ouch! In this blog we will provide a few tips to help prevent and respond to dental trauma so that you can get out there and safely soak up the sun this summer! 

Prevent a Broken Tooth:

  1. Sports: Let’s protect your teeth by wearing a mouth guard. Bats, balls, and other airborne objects pose a significant risk to your pearly whites. There are a variety of mouthguards that you can purchase which fit all shapes and size mouths (even if you have braces).
  2. Teeth are not for opening containers! Please do not use your teeth to open cans, bottles, or even plastic wrappers! Even if you’re having a picnic and don’t have scissors nearby- resist the urge to use your teeth. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen teeth broken from trying to open something like a popsicle wrapper.

Respond to a Broken Tooth:

  1. Call us, your dentists! In many traumas (especially in children), early intervention provides the best long-term prognosis. Add our phone number, 704-542-6003, to your phone in case you need to call us on the go. Either Dr. Kleinheinz or Dr. Ashlin is always on call to respond to emergencies. 
  2. Save the Tooth. If a piece of the tooth breaks off, find it and keep it if you can.
  3. Bathe the Tooth so that it doesn’t dehydrate. The best option is to soak the tooth in Hanks Balanced Salt Solution (sold on Amazon). Hanks maintains cells in their most viable state. If you don’t have Hanks, soak the tooth in milk. With a broken or a knocked out tooth, we have the best potential for saving the tooth if treatment is provided within 24 hours. 

We hope you have a happy, healthy, safe, fun summer! As always, call us with any questions (704-542-6003).


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