Why Us?
Why Choose Dr. Kleinheinz?

You don’t want to come to just any dentist. This is why you come to us; we're dentists that care. We want to know about your new job, your family and your grandchildren. You want a comfortable dental experience from experienced doctors who make you feel welcome.

You'll get to know us, and we'll get to know you. You might even look forward to your visits, although that might be just a little too much for us to promise. We had to try though, right?

Proudly Serving Charlotte, Matthews, Ballantyne & Surrounding Areas

Dental Crowns Charlotte NC

More Than Dentistry For Us – It’s Artistry

If you come to us to have your dental work done, it may be because you saw our Smile Gallery or spoke with satisfied patients of ours. It is our personal mission to make your teeth look perfect and healthy. We're trying to make an art form out of your dental work, and we want you to be impressed with your beautiful results.

You want good work, and we'll make sure you have it. Call today, and find out what kind of dental work we can do to fix your smile!

Call today to learn more about dental crowns & dental implants

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