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Regular Cleanings & Periodontal Therapy

Our hygienists will remove the hard calcium deposits that stick to your teeth and remove all plaque. If we keep the plaque off of our teeth, we can reduce chances of having tartar build-up. Some people can accumulate a lot more tartar than others, and it may form under the gum line on the surface of the root. If it’s too far under the gum line, it may be uncomfortable to remove it. We help people to get rid of tartar by performing a “deep cleaning,” or periodontal therapy.

Deep Cleanings & Periodontal Therapy

Sometimes people develop gum disease where tartar has formed deep under the gums. We need to remove the tartar and the destructive germs deep in the “pocket” so your immune system can start to heal the area. To do this, we make sure the area is very numb so that the procedure is comfortable. Our hygienist carefully removes plaque, tartar and debris that are causing the problems.

After a couple of weeks, we will have you return to reevaluate the area so we can check for healing and monitor your progress. If the condition doesn’t improve, we will refer that person to a periodontist, or gum surgery specialist, so that a plan can be made to save your teeth in the long-term. When left untreated, gum disease can cause loss of teeth as well as contribute to heart disease, low birth weight in babies, diabetes and other conditions. Keep flossing to avoid this!

Dental Implants Charlotte NC

We take the time to listen to you and see what you’d like to improve in your smile. Together, we discuss options that are best for you.

Root Canal Treatment

If a tooth has a deep cavity or has experienced trauma, the nerve can become upset and may lead to a terrible toothache. We can save the tooth by doing a root canal treatment. We clean out the chamber where the nerve lives as well as the little canals that are inside roots of the tooth. We clean out the inside of the pipes but leave the wall of the pipes alone so we aren’t removing the roots, just the nerves and tissues inside the tooth. We shape and disinfect the canals and seal the inside of the root in three dimensions with a rubbing material called gutta percha. This permanently stays inside the tooth. We tell patients to expect some soreness for 2-5 days, but many are comfortable the next day.

Teeth Whitening

We use an in-office system of tooth whitening called ZOOM! A gel solution is placed on your teeth after shielding the gums. We allow it to sit for twenty minutes until gel becomes inactive. It is removed and a new application is applied. This cycle is completed four or more times, with the whole procedure taking less than two hours.

Alternatively, we also offer a take-home solution where you place gel in a custom-made tray, similar to an athletic mouthguard. Place this in your mouth for thirty minutes a day to achieve maximum results.

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