Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Makeovers 

Fixing smiles across Matthews, Ballantyne & Charlotte NC

Cosmetic dentistry is a very broad category, encompassing an array of dental services. From doing white fillings in your back teeth to placing 12 veneers on your front teeth, our team can do it all! If you don’t like the way one tooth looks or are unhappy with your entire smile, our dentist can make the changes you need. Let our experts take care of you and get you back to the smile that you want!

Improvements to your smile can involve anything from minor procedures to major overhauls, including some of the procedures listed below.

  • Cosmetic Recontouring – Minor reshaping of the enamel. Most often this involves “softening” or rounding of the corners of the teeth to make them look softer after years of wear.
  • Bonding Tooth-colored filling material is added and molded to change shape or color of a tooth or teeth. This procedure can cover up blemishes on the tooth, fill gaps between the teeth, or replace a small chip that came off, and much more.
  • Bridges If you are missing a tooth and have teeth on either side of the empty space, a bridge will replace the missing tooth. We place a crown on either side of the empty space and place the artificial tooth in between to “bridge the gap” between the two natural teeth. The bridge looks and behaves like a natural tooth and it cannot be removed.
  • Dental Implants A specially-coated piece of titanium is placed in the mouth to replace the root of a missing tooth. This acts as an artificial tooth root and requires a small surgical procedure to place it. Once integrated into its local surroundings, it is one of the strongest and longest-lasting dental solutions.

  • Sealants Natural adult teeth have many grooves on the chewing surface. A sealant is a composite resin that flows into those grooves and stays there, preventing germs from getting in there and causing cavities. It’s an inexpensive preventative procedure that most insurance policies cover.
  • Veneers A thin shell of porcelain that produces a longer-lasting and beautiful result for misshaped teeth. They can resist staining from coffee, red wine and smoking. A small amount of tooth must be removed to make room for the veneer.
  • Whitening Make your teeth brighter and more youthful. We have on-site solutions or take-home whitening kits.
  • Full Crowns Improve color, position, and the way upper and lower teeth interact as you chew. Like the bands of a barrette, the crown holds everything together and can sometimes last for decades. A large filling to replace a missing piece of tooth can be placed but typically won’t last as long and can leak, causing a problem with the nerve. Full crowns can prevent the need for root canal treatment.

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